Frequently asked questions

Is Manthini an independant company?

Yes. Manthini is an independent company based out of Southeast Wisconsin, USA. We were conceived in 2001 and officially founded in 2015 by Calvin Manthey and formalized in 2018.

Can I invest in the company?

Yes! We are actively seeking investors. Please visit our Investors page for more info or connect using our Contact Us form if you or anyone you know is interested.

Do you offer test rides?

Very limited, but we can’t wait for you to pilot our applications. We’ll be offering test rides once we commercilize our applications, but if you are in the neighborhood just reach out and we might be able to give you a taste of power through our existing prototypes.

Where Manthini eBikes were built?

Our eBikes, the frame, integrated battery and assembly was all done in-house.

Can I work for Manthini?

If you are an explorer at heart and adventurous by nature, we are constantly looking for like minded people to help us out with our Electrical, Marketing, and Accounting departments. Please reach out using our Contact Us form. Thank you for your interest in being part of Manthini.

What’s an eBike anyway?

An e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

How much does a Manthini eBike Cost?

Manthini eBikes will range between $3000 - $5500 depending on the model, features and customization, once it goes into production.

How far can I go on a single charge?

On a Manthini eBike you can travel 100 miles on just pedal assist, 25 miles on only throttle, and approximately 75 to 125 miles combined depending on the terrain.

How can I charge the eBike?

The Manthini eBike will come with its own dedicated charger, which you can plug into any household outlet, and it will fully charge the eBike in about 3 hours.

Do Manthini eBike's have regenerative braking?

Due to being a mid-drive electric bicycle, we do not offer Regenerative braking this time.

How safe are Manthini eBikes?

Manthini eBikes are engineered to achieve top US safety ratings in consumer information tests.

Are there any future products or applications planned beyond the eBike?

You bet! There will be a full lineup in all key sectors including transportation, residential and commercial. Like, follow and subscribe to our social media for Manthini updates, including product launches, events and other news.