Our Story

Four guys with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skills came together as a team in 2018 and set out to show the world their vision. At the forefront of this vision was their goal of becoming a leader in a new era of electric-powered transportation. To demonstrate their collective talents and showcase some of their technology, the team built two fully functional electric bicycle prototypes from the ground up.

Fast forward to today: We have the knowledge as well as our own intellectual property to support us, the “know-how” to take a design from paper to a tangible assembly, and also the product attributes we know the consumer will want.

Our presence at expositions and fairs, on social media platforms, and along city streets and bike trails – using our prototypes for everyday transportation – solidifies our desire to continue the
work we have already started. Our ambition is far more extensive, however, as the electric bicycles were simply vessels built on a “beer budget,” with the help of each teammate, to take us to the next step on our path to success. At the time, we didn’t realize they would become the centerpiece for Manthini to build its branding on and gain traction in the market.


Our quest is to capture a segment of the electric-powered transportation industry and compete with companies such as Tesla, Rivian, Rimac, and legacy automotive corporations in the market.

Activities & Locations

Battery Storage System

Concept & Frame Design

Manufacturing & Assembly