Our Story

Manthini is an explosive startup from S.E. Wisconsin: It's a 30 year old vision that came from a dream. Over time sketch’s were made out of those visions. 20 years of R&D and waiting for the right technology to catch up to the vision, the sketches started to make sense.

With combination of a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skills, we formalized our dreams in 2018 and set out to show the world our vision; putting our heads together to understand the real problem and found a solution in our own backyard.


To prove our solution we started with building applications and built two fully functional electric bicycle prototypes from the ground up. 

As we developed the eBike prototypes all in-house, we got traction locally and globally through expositions and fairs, social media platforms, endorsements and customer inquiries. At the time, we didn’t realize these prototype applications would become the centerpiece for Manthini to build its branding on and gain traction not just in the bike market but other product applications as well. 

Fast forward to today: We have the knowledge and our own intellectual property to support us; the “know-how” to take a design from paper to a tangible assembly, and also the product attributes we know the consumer will want.


We are getting aligned with the right advisors, mentors and faculties spread across the world, updating our overall business approach, forming strategic partnerships and setting the goal of becoming a leader in a new era of energy storage for transportation, residential & commercial.

Activities & Locations

Energy Management System

Application Concept & Frame Design

Manufacturing & Assembly